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[ Meryl ] Crown
appelezmoi_coco wrote in ot4_afterhours
Title: Counting Stars
Author: Coco
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: The House characters, sadly, aren't mine.
Spoilers: None, this is a pre-series fic.
Summary: Pre-Series chapter fic about how the ot4 got their start.
Author's Note: I don't get beta'd so all mistakes are my own!

Chapter One: Japanese uncooked fish you eat with chopsticks
Wilson + Cuddy
Chapter Two: If you say you like Indian food and jazz music I'm totally sold on you
House + Stacy
Chapter Three: you know you have a thing for naughty nurses
House + Cuddy
Chapter Four: There might be one person...
Cuddy + Wilson/House + Cuddy

two handed poker...mind games

R&R? ♥ Coco!


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